3d model viewer ipad

3D Model View App for iOS - three-D model viewer for iPad

3D Model View for iOS is a feature-rich three-D model viewer with texture support for some popular 3D CAD file formats. This iPad 3d model viewer works on iPhone as well, but due to the screen size it works best on an iPad. 
Files can be opened in 3D Model View using URL's of many of the online 3D model repositories.
In Safari: Open in -> 3D Model View.
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3D Model View also supports selecting supported file types from DropBox or using AirDrop to send files to the iOS device.
Get impressions of this 3d ios app works on our '3d model viewer ipad' demo video's page. 

Model credits: Nasa : Doug Ellison / NASA-JPL

File formats

Currently the following 3d model formats are supported:

  • Wavefront OBJ/MTL files (obj viewer)*
  • 3DS files 
  • STL files (no smoothing)
  • PLY ascii files (binary coming in next release)
  • limited import of OBJ8 archives
  • Zip archives containing files of supported file formats + textures
  • RAR archives containing files of supported file formats + textures


*The most convenient way is to zip these files into one archive and AirDrop the archive to the iPad.
MTL files are saved to a folder with the same name. If an OBJ file arealy exists in this folder, the MTL file will be matched to the OBJ file.

During import, 3D Model View attempts to fix a number of common problems found in many of these files:

  • truncated texture names in 3DS files
  • missing surface or vertex normals. 
  • local texture file paths that are only valid on the system of the maker of the file.

3d model viewer - rendering - solid + wireframe3d model viewer - ipad screenshotModel credits: Er.akshay sharma, GrabCad (STL model)


  • Gesture support for Pan, Rotate and Zoom
  • Toggle individual materials on/off to display part of a model
  • Anaglyph 3D viewing (Solid or Wireframe) for using Red / Cyan glasses
  • Use device orientation to rotate and tilt (if supported by the device)
  • Edit material diffuse color, specular color and transparency, with live preview
  • Support for different rendering modes:
    Wireframe, Solid (textured), Solid+Wireframe, Toon shader and Reflection map 
  • Modify background color 
  • Modify Diffuse light color + position (X, Y, Z)
  • Modify Specular light (color, position is shared with diffuse light)
  • Use skybox effects (including reflections)
  • Change the View angle (Field of View,  FOV)
  • Flip orientation (Y <-> -Z)
  • Auto Rotate mode for showcasing models
  • Export model & materials using AirDrop or email in zipped Wavefront OBJ/MTL/texture folder format
  • Model statistis: # of Vertices, Normals, Faces, Texture coordinates
  • Download from DropBox (including Zip / Rar archives)
  • Zip and Rar file support (if these contain valid file types and textures)
  • Thumbnail previews of previously opened local files


3d-model-view-3d model viewer ipadImprovements for upcoming release:

  • PLY binary file import
  • General UI improvements
  • Marker-based AR (Augmented reality)
  • Global transparency see-through mode
  • Diffuse and Alpha texture chooser for surfaces with texture coordinates (if textures are present)
  • Improved 3DS compatibility for transformations
  • Skymap chooser
  • Toggle multisampling
  • Ambient light setting
  • Ambient color setting for material
  • Improved sensitivity for Pan, Rotate when zoomed in
  • Improved OBJ8 archive support
  • Skybox setting are saved per model
  • Model positioning is saved 
  • Binary STL export

Future improvements:

  • Markerless Augmented reality (AR) mode
  • STL export (3D printing format)
  • Bump map / normal map support
  • User sky maps import
  • Side-by side stereo view

3D model view anaglyph lines - 3d model viewer ipad